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There are many reasons that one may have the appearance of a double chin even when one’s neck posture is upright or at rest. The accumulation of fat under the chin is the main reason why the chin contour may appear soft or doubled.

This can be from weight gain, medication side effects, genetics, or natural face/jaw contours. Renowned facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Mario Yco at Your Cosmetic Office offers submental liposuction procedures to help establish a more defined contour on the lower face.

What Is Submental Liposuction?

Submental Liposuction is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that is designed to remove fat underneath the chin. This fat may be contributing to the look of a double chin or may create a soft and ill-defined jawline. In any case, this procedure establishes a more defined and chiseled jaw, lending to a more youthful appearance.


“Dr. Yco is very personable ”

My husband and I both met with Dr. Yco and his wonderful staff this afternoon. We were very impressed with the time they took to listen to our concerns and answer all our questions. Dr. Yco was very personable and besides his knowledge and years of experience, I could tell he really cares about his patients and doing what is best for them. Most important I did not feel like anyone was trying to sell or rush us on anything and if we decide to move forward with the treatments recommended. I am confident we will be in good hands.

Who Is a Candidate for Submental Liposuction?

Those wishing to undergo a submental liposuction procedure should be in good overall health and want to correct concerns that this specific procedure addresses. It is also important to go into the procedure with realistic expectations as to the achievable results. The best way to determine your candidacy for submental liposuction is by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Yco at Your Cosmetic Office. At this consultation, he will go over your health history, concerns, and aesthetic goals to decide if submental liposuction is right for you.

Submental Liposuction Procedure

To begin the procedure, you will be given either a local or general anesthetic. This ensures that you do not feel a thing during treatment. If given only a local anesthetic, you will remain awake during the procedure. Once the anesthesia has taken effect, Dr. Yco will make tiny incisions in the chin and neck area where the stubborn fat deposits are. These incisions allow for a thin vacuum tube, called a cannula, to be inserted under the skin and into the deep layers of fat. The cannula is moved around in such a way that it breaks up the fat cells and then extracts them with a suction. Once the proper amount of fat has been removed, Dr. Yco will close the incisions with a minimal number of stitches.

Post-Op Care

In some cases, your surgeon will opt to leave the incisions open, as they are so small they do not always require stitches. Leaving them open reduces the amount of swelling and bruising that can sometimes accompany sutures, but in any case, these side effects should diminish after a few days. You may want to take a few days off work immediately following a submental liposuction procedure, but most people make a full recovery after about a week. You will want to avoid strenuous or aggressive physical activity for a little while longer, usually around 3 weeks, while your face settles into its new contours. If Dr. Yco feels your recovery needs an added boost, he may refer you to hyperbaric Co2 treatments or red light therapy.

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