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Look and Feel Like Your Younger Self

As we begin to get older, visible signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles begin to show on our faces as a result of repeated movement. This repetition of muscle movements and facial expressions leads to fine lines and wrinkles known as dynamic lines. Even if we still feel like our younger selves, that doesn’t stop these lines and wrinkles from making their marks on our faces. Double board-certified facial plastic surgeon

Dr. Mario Yco at Your Cosmetic Office offers a variety of different injectable neurotoxins designed to target and address signs of aging on the face. Whether you wish to achieve a smoother, more taut appearance by diminishing dynamic wrinkles and lines or wish to relieve symptoms of TMJ (with a referral from your dentist), Your Cosmetic Office has just the right treatment to make you look as young and fresh as you feel. 

Your Cosmetic Office offers the leading brands of neurotoxins, each with its own benefits and innovations. During a consultation with Dr. Yco, he will analyze your concerns and goals, and determine which neurotoxin will get you the youthful results you desire.

Injectable neurotoxins offered at Your Cosmetic Office include: