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Discover refined and timeless beauty at Your Cosmetic Office in Encinitas, California, with Belotero, a cutting-edge dermal filler designed to accentuate your natural beauty. Double board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Mario Yco recognized Belotero as a powerful tool to address fine lines, wrinkles, asymmetry, and facial contours with precision.

Whether you are looking to correct signs of aging or add more volume to the face, Belotero offers customizable rejuvenation that ranges from subtle to striking.  Schedule a consultation to learn more about how Belotero can offer facial rejuvenation and youth restoration.  

What Is Belotero? 

Belotero is a dermal filler that is made with a hyaluronic acid (HA) formulation. Hyaluronic acid naturally exists in your skin, but its presence begins to diminish as we age. This acid is responsible for keeping you hydrated by retaining water and moisture. As an ingredient used in dermal fillers, like Belotero, HA adds volume to the face effectively smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. Belotero can also be used to add definition and contour to parts of the face, like the cheeks and jawline, that have been affected by age-related volume loss, or if you just want to establish bolder contours.  


“Dr. Yco and his team are absolute pros”

Dr. Yco and his team are absolute pros. He takes his time to truly understand what you are looking for and offer appropriate solutions.

Who Is a Candidate for Belotero? 

Candidates for Belotero dermal filler injections are individuals seeking to achieve facial rejuvenation and enhanced contours in a minimally invasive way. Belotero can address concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, under eye hollows, hollow cheeks, thin lips, small nose bumps, and acne scars. Because HA is a naturally occurring substance in our bodies, Belotero is great for candidates who have allergies. The best way to determine your candidacy for Belotero is by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Mario Yco. 

Belotero Procedure 

To begin treatments using Belotero, Dr. Yco will cleanse the treatment area. You may be given a topical anesthetic to help numb the face, ensuring you don’t feel a thing during the procedure. Most patients describe the sensation of getting Belotero as a small pinch and feel they do not even need the numbing cream. Dr. Yco will then carefully inject the Belotero using a fine gauge needle. Depending on how many areas of the face you are having treated, Belotero treatments can last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. 

Post-Op care 

It is common to experience some mild swelling, bruising, and tenderness at the treatment site, but this will go away after a couple of days. For the first 24 hours after your injections, you should refrain from any strenuous activities, excessive heat, NSAIDs, and alcohol. Depending on your specific treatment, Belotero results can last from 6-18 months. If Dr. Yco feels it necessary, he may recommend hyperbaricCo2 treatments or red light therapy during your recovery.  

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