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Restoring youth, volume, and contour to the face does not have to be a long or painful process. When traditional facial rejuvenation procedures like facelifts or implants pose too long of recovery and too invasive of a solution, dermal fillers are here to provide results in a quick and minimally invasive way.

At Your Cosmetic Office in Encinitas, California, we offer youth-restoring treatments from the Restylane family of dermal fillers to address concerns on all areas of the face. Injected by double board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Mario Yco, these powerful little fillers can have you looking and feeling your best in no time.  

What is Restylane? 

The Restylane family of hyaluronic acid fillers is a diverse range of dermal fillers that can be used to treat a variety of different concerns on the face. Whether you want to address fine lines, wrinkles, and age-related volume loss or want to add definition and contour to your chin, cheeks, or lips, Restylane is here to help you do it all. Each filler from Restylane contains lidocaine to ensure the most comfortable treatment possible.  


Restylane Eyelight is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler that is injected into the undereye area to help address the appearance of undereye hollows. Hollow under eyes can lead to the appearance of shadows of dark circles that can make you look tired. Eyelight establishes a brighter and more awake appearance that lasts from dusk until dawn.


Restylane Lyft is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler that is used to add volume and definition to the cheeks and the back of the hands. By replenishing age-related volume loss in the back of the hands Lyft can establish a more youthful appearance.


Restylane Silk is a hyaluronic acid filler that is used to add volume to thinning lips or reduce the appearance of lip wrinkles and lines around the mouth. Restylane silk is specially designed to soften and smooth the appearance of the mouth while adding natural-looking volume.


Restylane Defyne is a hyaluronic acid filler that is used to soften the appearance of deep folds and lines like laugh lines and nasolabial folds. Restylane Defyne can also be used to correct mild to moderate chin retrusion by adding more volume and definition to the contours of the lower face.


Restylane Refyne is a hyaluronic acid filler that is used to soften the appearance of mild to moderate lines and wrinkles on the face and around the mouth. This innovative filler was designed with XpresHan Technology to allow for maximum movement in the most dynamic areas of the face.


Restylane Kysse is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler that is used to add fullness and definition to the lips. By using XpresHan Technology, Restylane Kysse allows for flexibility and movement without compromising the benefits of improved lip shape, color, and texture.

Restylane- L

Restylane-L contains smaller particles of hyaluronic acid filler, making it a suitable filler for areas of the face that are more sensitive. This dermal filler also contains lidocaine, making the treatment of fine lines, wrinkles, and folds as comfortable as possible.


“Dr. Yco is an extremely knowledgeable plastic surgeon”

Dr. Yco is an extremely knowledgeable plastic surgeon. I have been patient with him for many, many years. He always knows exactly what is needed, but he listens very carefully and patiently. His services are excellent and have very reasonable prices compared to others in this field. I trust him 110%. Highly recommended.

Who Is a Candidate for Restylane? 

Candidates for Restylane are seeking to address signs of aging on the face like fine lines, wrinkles, volume loss, and hollows. Those wishing to add contour and definition to certain areas of the face in a minimally invasive way are also candidates for Restylane. All candidates must be at least 21 years of age and be in good overall health. The best way to determine your candidacy is by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Yco at Your Cosmetic Office. 

Post- Op Care 

After receiving Restylane injections you may notice some slight tenderness and bruising at the treatment site. Gently applying a cold compress and taking over-the-counter pain medication can help alleviate any discomfort. It is important to avoid any strenuous or vigorous activity for at least 6 hours after receiving Restylane. To prevent the product from migrating, you should avoid laying directly on the treatment site for at least 24 hours. It can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks for your final results to show. 

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