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Precise and Personalized Turbinate Reduction

At Your Cosmetic Office in Encinitas, California, Dr. Mario Yco understands the impact that nasal function and appearance have on your overall physical and emotional well-being. As a double-board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Yco is committed to delivering precise and

personalized turbinate reduction procedures to patients suffering from nasal congestion and airflow obstruction. Dr. Yco’s surgical approach integrates function and form by offering relief from breathing troubles and enhancing the appearance of the nose at the same time.

What Is Turbinate Reduction?

Turbinate reduction is a surgical procedure aimed at addressing issues related to nasal congestion and airflow obstruction by targeting the turbinates. The turbinates are small structures inside the nose that are responsible for cleansing and humidifying the air that passes through the nasal cavity. Nasal problems, such as allergies, can cause the turbinate structures to swell making it difficult to breathe. Some people may have more tissue surrounding their turbinates than others, lending to feelings of chronic congestion, snoring, or difficulty breathing through the nose. A turbinate reduction removes the excess tissue around the turbinate bones allowing for more airflow through the nose.

Who Is a Candidate for Turbinate Reduction?

The turbinate structures naturally swell as a response to irritation, allergies, or illness. Most of the time this swelling is temporary, but for some people, it can turn into chronic inflammation known as hypertrophy. In this case, a turbinate reduction may be done to provide relief from snoring, allergies, and breathing problems. In order to have this procedure done, you must be in good overall health and be a non-smoker. The best way to determine your candidacy for a turbinate reduction is by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Mario Yco at Your Cosmetic Office.


“I've always been pleased with the results!”

What a great office of knowledgeable, pleasant staff. Dr. Yco and his staff are the best. Most treatments I’ve had have been relatively painless, and I’ve always been pleased with the results! I highly recommend Dr. Yco for your “youthful ” treatments.

Turbinate Reduction Procedure

A turbinate reduction is an outpatient procedure that is done under general anesthesia. During this procedure, Dr. Yco will carefully shrink your turbinate tissue using one of the following techniques:

  • Cauterization- A heated probe blocks off blood vessels causing reduced blood flow which shrinks the turbinate tissues.
  • Radiofrequency turbinate reduction- A long thin probe delivers heat energy to create scar tissue which causes the turbinates to shrink.
  • Coblation- This is a form of controlled ablation that treats the turbines with heat while keeping the surrounding tissue intact.
  • Microdebrider submucosal resection- A small opening is made in the turbinates where tissue is removed and the turbinate lining stays in place.
  • Partial resection- A small portion of your turbinate, including the soft and hard tissue, is removed.

Post-Op Care

It can take up to six weeks for complete recovery from turbinate reduction surgery. The first week after surgery, you will want to sleep with your head in an elevated position, as well as avoid any strenuous or vigorous activity. You will be asked to refrain from blowing your nose or sniffing forcefully, as well as trying your best to sneeze through your mouth instead of your nose. You may experience some swelling and bruising that will go down after about a week. Any pain or discomfort during your recovery can be managed with prescribed medication and a cool compress. If Dr. Yco feels your recovery could benefit from additional techniques, he may refer you to have hyperbaric Co2 treatments or red light therapy.

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