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Buccal fat is the fat that is located between the cheekbones and jaw. It gives your face its specific shape, and for some people, this fat is more pronounced than for others. This can lead to a fuller, rounder face shape that may hide contours like cheekbones and definition.

Because this procedure relies on removing fat, it is sometimes called a cheek reduction. At Your Cosmetic Office, we offer buccal fat removal for patients who want to establish more definition in their facial contours.

What is Buccal Fat Removal?

Buccal fat removal is a surgical procedure done to remove the fat between your cheekbones and jaw known as buccal fat. People decide to have this fat removed in order to highlight bone structures in the face like the cheekbones, the hollows of the cheeks, and the jawline. This procedure can take the face from a round, soft, and full appearance, to a more defined and striking look.

Who is a Candidate for Buccal Fat Removal?

Everyone has buccal fat, but some people have more than others. If you are frustrated with the way the amount of buccal fat in your cheeks contributes to a look of fullness or “chubbiness,” a buccal fat procedure might be right for you. Patients wishing to establish more defined contours via buccal fat removal should be in good overall health, have realistic expectations, and be at, and able to maintain, their goal weight. If you have a naturally narrow face, buccal fat removal may not be the best option for enhancing your facial contours. The best way to determine candidacy is by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Yco at Your Cosmetic Office.


“I've always been pleased with the results!”

What a great office of knowledgeable, pleasant staff. Dr. Yco and his staff are the best. Most treatments I’ve had have been relatively painless, and I’ve always been pleased with the results! I highly recommend Dr. Yco for your “youthful ” treatments.

Buccal Fat Removal Procedure

After you have discussed your aesthetic goals and desires with Dr. Yco during your initial consultation, you will come in for your surgery day. For this procedure, you will remain awake but will be given a local anesthetic so you will not feel a thing. Dr. Yco will make a small incision in the mouth on each side of the face in order to access the buccal fat pads. Once they are exposed, he will cut away and remove the pads. Sutures are placed along each incision. In most cases, the sutures are dissolvable and will go away on their own.

Post-Op Care

At your appointment, you will be given specific instructions on how to care for yourself and your surgical sites that should be followed as closely as possible. These instructions may include doing a saline mouth rinse and being on a liquid diet while your incisions do their initial healing. You may experience some swelling, bruising, or localized numbness immediately following your procedure, but these side effects should gradually heal over the course of your recovery. It takes about 3 weeks for your mouth to fully heal, while final results can take up to a few months to be visible. In order to optimize your recovery, Dr. Yco may suggest hyperbaric Co2 treatments or red light therapy.

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If you are concerned about the way your cheeks appear “chubby” or puffy, especially in proportion to the rest of your body, buccal fat removal might be the right solution for you. To learn more about this procedure, schedule a consultation at Your Cosmetic Office by filling out our online contact form.

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