Laser & Devices

In Encinitas, CA

At Your Cosmetic Office in Encinitas, California, we boast an impressive selection of lasers and devices designed for the improvement of the appearance of the skin on the face and neck. Whether looking to address signs of aging on the face such as fine lines, wrinkles, and collagen loss, or treating issues related to hyperpigmentation, textural concerns, or hair loss, we offer devices for the treatment of

almost any concern. Double board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Mario Yco and his team are dedicated to delivering quality and effective treatments that provide results that last. We also offer specialty topical therapies that, when added to laser or device treatments, stand to enhance the already amazing results and significantly speed up the recovery time. 

Your Cosmetic office offers cutting-edge treatments from the leading innovators in cosmetic science. Each treatment is a safe, comfortable, and FDA-approved way to boost your confidence and restore a rejuvenated and youthful appearance to the face.

Lasers and devices offered at Your Cosmetic Office Include: