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Sculptra And Bellafill Specialist

YCO Facial Plastic Surgery

Facial Plastic Surgery located in Encinitas, CA

Over the last few years, the popularity of dermal fillers as a way to achieve a younger-looking appearance without surgery has grown into doctors performing more than 2 million procedures a year to help reduce the signs of aging. Dr. Mario Yco of YCO Facial Plastic Surgery offers residents of Encinitas, California and the surrounding communities Sculptra® and Bellafill® dermal fillers to help restore their youthful appearance. As a dual board-certified physician in both ear, nose, and throat surgery and facial plastic surgery, Dr. Yco is also an expert at all types of aesthetic procedures. Call or schedule an appointment using the online booking tool.

Sculptra and Bellafill Q & A

What is Sculptra® Aesthetic?

Sculptra Aesthetic is an FDA-approved injectable filler that helps replace lost collagen in your face over time. It addresses the underlying causes of aging skin, such as loss of volume and an increase in wrinkles and folds. Since Sculptra works slowly to stimulate new collagen, you get natural, long-lasting results.

Sculptra works particularly well to correct both shallow and deep facial wrinkles and folds, including:

  • Smile lines (nasolabial folds)
  • Marionette lines around your mouth
  • Wrinkles on your chin

Over time, Sculptra stimulates new collagen growth in the areas of your face where Dr. Yco places the injections. The result is more volume in problem areas with a minimized appearance of wrinkles.

How long does it take to see results with Sculptra?

In most cases, Dr. Yco administers a series of three injections to the areas on your face you’re having treated over the course of 3-4 months. As Sculptra is absorbed into the layers below the surface of your skin, and new collagen begins to form, you see a firmer, fuller appearance. Typically, the results last up to two years after your treatment.*

How does Bellafill® Cosmetic work?

Like Sculptra, Bellafill Cosmetic also stimulates the production of new collagen over time to produce natural-looking results. However, Bellafill is the only dermal filler that’s FDA-approved to help you maintain a more youthful appearance for up to five years,* while still upholding safety standards. Bellafill begins working immediately, creating long-lasting volume.

Bellafill uses a smooth collagen gel made up of special “microspheres:” tiny spheres of a material that has been safely used in medical implants for more than 65 years. These microspheres are suspended in the collagen gel and stay deep within your skin even after the collagen is absorbed.

The gel and the microspheres produce instant results, creating volume and lift you can immediately see after you receive the injections. Then over time, as your body absorbs the collagen gel, the microspheres continue to create a framework for your body’s naturally-produced collagen to build upon.

In addition to adding long-lasting volume to your skin, Bellafill Cosmetic is also FDA-approved to treat acne scars.

How does Bellafill treat acne scars?

Bellafill works on acne scars by adding volume to bring indentations up to the same level as the surrounding skin. Acne scars appear smoother for up to a year after Bellafill treatment.*

Are there side effects with Sculptra and Bellafill?

With both dermal fillers, side effects are minimal and temporary. You may experience redness or swelling at the injection site, but this usually goes away within a few days after treatment.

With either procedure, you can return to your daily activities without the interruption or extended downtime that comes with more invasive surgeries.

When you’re ready to rediscover the younger version of yourself or get rid of acne scarring, call the office or schedule a consultation with Dr. Yco using the online system.

*Individual results may vary.