Acne Treatment


Isolaz Acne Therapy – Isolaz Acne Therapy controls acne at the source and is specially formulated to provide a combination of a vacuum and a painless light that will clear your existing acne while preventing future breakouts.

FDA approved for all forms of acne: Cystic, Nodular, Inflammatory and Comedonal (blackheads and whiteheads). The device unclogs pores using a gentle vacuum while the painless broadband light helps destroy the acne-causing bacteria, and suppresses the sebaceous glands.

Isolaz clinical studies showed results within 24-48 hours which included reduced redness and immediate drying of blemishes. People who have tried Isolaz have reported a visible reduction in pore size, improved skin tone and texture for a healthier looking complexion.

BLU-U® Acne Treatment – Blue-light therapy is used to treat acne. Blue-light therapy works by killing acne causing bacteria, P. acnes, and is used to treat inflammatory acne vulgaris that has not responded to other treatments. Patients relax in a chair while a therapeutic light treats the face. Apart from an occasional, slight warming sensation, BLU-U light treatments are very comfortable.

Photodynamic Therapy – Photodynamic therapy is a treatment that uses a photosensitizing product applied to the area being treated that becomes activated by light exposure. The result is an activated oxygen molecule that destroys nearby acne and pre-cancerous cells.

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